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Transform your personal narrative.

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StoryMorphosis is the journey of transformational storytelling. Begin with the retelling of your birth story and learn how to create a new story of strength and empowerment.

1. Getting Started

      It's usually at a point of great discomfort that we realize we want change. If your telling your birth story brings up a sense of helplessness, loss of control or fear for your safety, these are symptoms of trauma. Births complicated by pre-term labor, prolonged induction, pre-eclampsia, emergency Cesarean section or hemorrhage are common contributors to trauma. Even a "normal" birth can be difficult to recover from when symptoms of trauma are associated with the event.

2. Transformation

       Working into your story, we identify themes of strength and resilience to create a new narrative and emphasize your heroism. This is where the transformation begins. From the benefit of neuro-plasticity, we know this new story can contribute to deep, lasting change in the psyche and the subconscious can identify with the new role.

3. Taking Flight

      In your new story, you will find deeper meaning and purpose in your experience. We will focus on how this story creates feelings of freedom and expansion. This contributes to a greater sense of comfort recalling the birth. Continuing to share your story promotes the integration of your new narrative.

Explore the benefits of more fully integrating your birth experience

Little Hands
Engaged Couple
Increase intimacy with your partner and loved ones by finding self-love and acceptance.
Baby's Grasp

Improve maternal-infant bonding by being more emotionally available.

Yoga at Home

Feel more at ease in your body by opening to the areas where trauma has been stored.

Support Group

Feel more comfortable in groups and socializing, reducing anxiety by tending to your feelings.

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