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Ceremonial Offerings

Ceremony is a way to mark time and create magic. In ceremony we are in a suspended state, inviting in the support of the natural elements and offering our intentions for the direction of growth. I am rooted in Wiccan tradtion, an Earth based spirituality with many similarities to other earth based religions throughout the world that observes the lunar and solar journeys and the high holy days of solstices and equinoxes. Ceremonies are built around casting a circle which calls upon the four directions, all that is above and below and creates sacred space.



Mark the transition into young adulthood and/or the initiation of menstruation.



Creating witness and community for the bond of partnership. Proud LGBTQ+ ally.

pregnant lady.png


Celebrate the role transition into motherhood with blessings for a beautiful birth.


Crone Crowning

Acknowledge the role transition into wise woman at age of menopause or becoming a grandparent.


Afterlife Journey

A celebration of life for the near departed and creating support community in grief. Appropriate both before and after death.


Cord Cutting

Mark the time of transition and release old attachments to make room for greater expansion.

Ceremonial offerings are held on CA Central Coast, SLO County, prices variable per number of attendees, location and other considerations and include one hour planning session. Please email for further info.
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