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"What a lovely gift of a women's circle! I'm amazed how much I learned about the sacredness of my own womanly body and the beautiful women I met. Allison is a passionate comprehensive and intuitive teacher."

              ~ Laura Barbre McCalley

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Sacred Sexuality

Studying the sacredness of sexuality contributes to deeper and more fulfilling sexual sharing. When we approach our sexuality as an avenue of communication with our divine spirit, sex becomes much more than a physical act. Incorporating the teaching of Kundalini Yoga and Tantra we engage meditation and exercises to be further explored in private practice. How can we find a deeper experience of love and flow in the heart center while engaging in intimate acts. For those both in partnership and in self relationship, raising one's consciousness through the beckoning of sexual energy is a spiritual pursuit. Our sexual energy is the fire that drives creative expression and activating this energy is powerful and inspiring. Get ready to be more engaged in sexual activity, gain more pleasure and find the sensual influence show itself throughout routine aspects of daily life. All is sacred according to Tantra.

Sex Positive Sex Ed : For Young People

It's the sex ed class you wish you'd had. An orientation to sexuality as a pathway to pleasure. Content includes anatomy, changes of puberty and the physiologic experience of sexual desire and orgasm. We discuss celebrating the function of sex as a source of joy, self awareness of preferred touch through masturbation and familiarity with one's own body. We cover the hyper sexualization of young people in media and advertising as well as expose pornography as fictitious and generally unrepresentative of female arousal and orgasm. We talk about where to buy condoms as well as other forms of birth control, where to get tested for STI's and what to expect at an exam appointment. The goal of the class is to increase comfort in discussing sex, promote dialogue in the home, inform peer conversations and empower young people in the discovery of their own body's potential for pleasure.

Childbirth Education and Birth Planning

So often prenatal care appointments leave you with more questions than answers. There are many decisions to make about the level of testing you may seek in pregnancy and what makes  for the healthiest pregnancy and birth outcome. Questions about birth setting, care provider, medication in labor, and possible interventions may need more attention than you're able to find at your routine clinic appointment. Enrolling in a 6 week class will provide answers as well as give you cover many techniques to use in labor. Visualization of outcomes has well been documented to enhance athletic performance and childbirth may be one of the most physically demanding events in your life. With over 1500 patient deliveries and 20y as a Certified Nurse Midwife I can help you prepare with increasing your confidence, decreasing anxiety, and helping you in building a beautiful relationship with a most important person - your new baby!

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