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Healing for Healers

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It's common for healers to spend their lives healing others, in sometimes acute and traumatic events without having the support to process their own trauma. Leaving the job at work is not possible when your heart and soul are invested in the care-taking of others. But what is the mechanism to care for one's self? Self care has become a catch phrase and what does it really mean? The actions of striving for work life balance can actually contribute to more "doing" and not restore balance that the spirit seeks. Telling your story, being held in supportive and caring space, nurtured to replenish the well from which you draw upon is what self care really means, and sometimes it's less doing and more being. Being heard, being held. Our closest friends and family may not be able to listen to our stories, sometimes graphic and devastating. We may actually want ot protect our loved ones from the burdens we carry, So where do we lay these burdens? How do we process these feelings. Furthermore, recognizing that being the agent of trauma is traumatizing itself, feels contradictory to how we're taught to operate in the role of provider. We're somehow expected to be super human, not letting feelings of grief, helplessness and inadequacy co-exist with ideas of competency and performance.

Career burnout, compassion fatigue, and unresolved vicarious trauma are all stressors that contribute to decreased job satisfaction and overall lifestyle incompatability with a career that once called as a fulfilling means to care for others in a field of interest.



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