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Healers Need Healing Too

It's common for healers to spend their lives healing others without having the support to process their own trauma. Leaving the job at work is not always possible when your heart and soul are invested in the care-taking of others.


We're somehow expected to be super human, not letting feelings of grief, helplessness and inadequacy interfere with the ideals of competency and performance. Our closest friends and family may not be able to listen to our stories which are sometimes graphic and devastating.


Career burnout, compassion fatigue, and unresolved vicarious trauma are all stressors that contribute to decreased job satisfaction and overall lifestyle incompatibility. A career that serves as a fulfilling means to care for others asks that you also care for yourself.


Find nervous system regulation with a compassionate and empathetic listener who has practiced in acute medical settings. Debrief difficult cases with non-biased support and practice the self care you prescribe.

Tend to your own well-being by getting the support you deserve.
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