Be Your Own Hero

With over 20 years as a health care provider, I've come to understand the care we deliver at clinics and hospitals in the United States is often lacking in the emotional and spiritual well being of patients. Patients may be traumatized by complicated childbirth, hospital stays and clinic procedures and sent home without follow up for support. Medically induced trauma is under-recognized as a common response to receiving medical treatment and can be signaled by the inability to relax, increased anxiety, agitation, nervousness and even nightmares and flashbacks. My own trauma recovery has inspired me to make this work the focus of my career. You may benefit from support following a difficult experience in health care and I'm here to help.


Routine Healthcare Challenges

Routine healthcare can sometimes be difficult and may need follow up attention for a prescribed procedure that was part of general health maintenance. A basic pelvic exam requires vulnerability, maybe more than you are ready for, and may bring up uncomfortable emotions. Furthermore, a history of abuse or assault requires increased sensitivity by the healthcare provider and creating a sense of safety is of the utmost importance. Preparing for uncomfortable appointments and how to advocate for yourself will help reduce your stress and anxiety. With safe supportive counsel, we can discuss when things go awry and how to best communicate your needs at future appointments.

Traumatic Birth Work

People can overcome incredible odds rising to the call of parenthood following difficult and even traumatic births. If you had a difficult birth, you are not alone. Healing your birth experience can help you resolve negative emotions and contribute to greater well-being. Revisiting a previous birth experience may become part of preparing for an upcoming delivery. With guidance and coaching you can create an empowering narrative that helps you see yourself with increased confidence and self agency. Partners may need support in healing a traumatic birth as well.

"I'm so grateful for my work with you!!!! I came into this birth experience with so much more confidence and peace of mind. It was truly a redemption birth!! A beautiful and empowering experience."

  ~Sami Schermerhorn

Grieving abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth?

Grief and sadness are normal emotions that help us mark our experience of loss and these bittersweet feelings can give rise to joy when we tap into the hope for growth and new beginnings. Seeking support in these difficult times is an act of self care and can help you transcend what may be a heavy time in your life. My first hand experience with my own loss and stewarding patients as a health care provider brings me intimate wisdom of how to navigate these delicate situations.

"I worked with Allison when I was dealing with a traumatic abortion. Through our sessions I was able to turn my traumatic story into one of empowerment and self love. Allison has a gentle approach, and helped me bring out my inner strength that was buried for many years. I was able to heal my relationship with myself and others involved. I wish I had the opportunity to do this work years ago, but am so grateful to have had the opportunity to change this story that I had been telling myself for so long. I highly recommend Allison"

                                                                 ~Courtney Carden