Healing happens in the space of intention and hope. Healthcare delivery in the United States often lacks the emotional and spiritual care of both patients and providers. Holistic Health is providing care that attends to the psycho-spiritual-physical wellness of the patient.


Expanding self awareness and agency through deep trance healing, somatic release and transpersonal storytelling is the heart of my offering. It's a combination of counseling, guided meditation and sound healing with singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes and other instruments to sooth and organize the subtle energy body and promote rest and healing in the physical body. This work is an effective method of trauma recovery and over the last several years my focus has been on trauma integration following difficult childbirth, medical procedures and treating secondary/vicarious in health care providers and support persons.

Perhaps you are called to heal an old wound, manage an on-going diagnosis, or prepare for a new experience, such as an upcoming birth. My practice is informed by herbalism, pranyama, meditation and trance state consciousness and more than 20y in clinical practice.

Engaging in this work can be one of the most important self-care actions you can give yourself.  Reach out to schedule a consultation to see where your healing journey can take you. Available for in person and virtual appointments, email me for a free consultation.

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"I'm so grateful for my work with you!!!! I came into this birth experience with so much more confidence and peace of mind. It was truly a redemption birth!! A beautiful and empowering experience."

  ~Sami Schermerhorn

"I worked with Allison when I was dealing with a traumatic abortion. Through our sessions I was able to turn my traumatic story into one of empowerment and self love. Allison has a gentle approach, and helped me bring out my inner strength that was buried for many years. I was able to heal my relationship with myself and others involved. I wish I had the opportunity to do this work years ago, but am so grateful to have had the opportunity to change this story that I had been telling myself for so long. I highly recommend Allison"

                                                                 ~Courtney Carden

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The moment I stepped into Allison's room I felt an immediate sense of peace and safety. Her calm and gentle energy allowed me to relax and receive her incredible intuitive healing. Truly a gift for the body, mind and soul that carried with me afterwards.

~ Grisel Puig-Snider

Thank you, Allison, for creating a space for my body to connect with and re-organize itself through the sounds of the healing instruments. After your initial invitation to tune into my intention, I was able to feel into the weight of my body and become aware of the relationship I was having with the grounding frequencies that were being emitted. So many insights and adjustments were made possible. Our post discussion helped me integrate these awareness and recognize with clarity and relief what it is I need to move forward.

                                                                                    ~ Sophia Brody