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Comprehensive Women's Health
with a
Holistic Approach

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Are you looking for a healthcare provider that listens to your concerns and incorporates complimentary medicine?

You've found your home here. 


Welcome to healthcare that encourages education and self determination. Here we prioritize your sovereignty and encourage you to make informed choices about your health care that are in alignment with your personal value system. 

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Holistic Health is a model that treats body, mind and spirit. It addresses physical health as well as emotional and energetic well-being. Western Medicine offers us diagnostic tools and pharmaceuticals that can be incredibly effective in the treatment of disease. In addition, herbalism offers many traditional remedies, relied upon for centuries, and supported by research. Furthermore, many health challenges can be approached through the energetic field by clearing old holding patterns and creating space for new belief systems. At the heart of healing is the understanding that your constitution: your character and personality, beliefs and habits, are the most important variables of any care plan. 


Holistic menopause management encompasses lifestyle support, laboratory studies, traditional herbal remedies, education and hormone therapy as desired. When you know your options you can make an informed decision on how to best protect your health and longevity. Menopause is a transition that will affect every woman with ovaries and it's never too soon to  learn about the gifts and changes associated with this sacred time. It can also be a window of opportunity for healing old wounds related to the womb such as previous trauma and loss. 

Addressing energetic and emotional healing with intuitive energy work and sound healing is the cornerstone of my practice. It's what brings patients back for regular appointments. The healthcare I offer is grounded in creating a therapeutic relationship and being a trusted companion on your healing journey. 


Appointments available via telehealth or in person Atascadero, CA.

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Meet the Midwife

In 2000, I received my Nursing degree from one of the few Holistic Nursing programs in the US at Humboldt State University. I studied midwifery at University of Colorado Health Science Center and I became a Certified Nurse Midwife in 2004. After 20 years in hospital and clinic settings, I came to understand I wanted more for my patients, than what the mainstream medical system can offer. 


Opening my private practice, I now I spend quality time building relationships with patients and learning the various components that contribute to their individual state of health. My practice highlights my gifts as an intuitive energy healer and herbalist and incorporates my own line of herbal products.  Appointments cover health complaints, emotional well being, work/life stressors and goals for treatment. My clinical services include physical exams, pap smears, ordering lab work and breast imaging, hormone replacement therapy, and more. I have become more focused on the holistic management of menopause and am becoming certified as a menopause specialist by the North American Menopause Society.


Understanding the powerful relationship between trauma and disease, much of my work also includes clearing negative patterns and integrating the healing powers of energy work, sound healing and prayer. When you're ready for a healthcare provider who feels like a friend and believes in your empowerment through informed decision making, start your healing journey by making your first appointment. 

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"I'm so grateful for my work with you!!!!  A beautiful and empowering experience."

  ~Sami Schermerhorn
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Client Testimonials

Allison, I so appreciate you and your practice! Thank you for the personal communication! It's the touch I've been missing in other medical care!

  ~Susie Renard

"The moment I stepped into Allison's office I felt an immediate sense of peace and safety. Her calm and gentle energy allowed me to relax and receive her incredible intuitive healing. Truly a gift for the body, mind and soul that carried with me afterwards."

~ Grisel Puig-Snider

Thanks so much for my session with you and for honoring my choices regarding options for tests and screenings at this time. The sound healing was surprisingly deep and powerful. It felt like this amazing wind created by sound that whooshed in and swept some old anxieties away. 

~Flora Smith

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