I also provide holistic reproductive health consultations for support on topics such as recurrent Vaginitis, Yeast and Bacterial Vaginitis, Vaginismus or painful intercourse,  Pap Smear interpretation, birth control options, Menopause and more.

And I always enjoy teaching private childbirth classes and creating custom birth plans for home, birth center and hospital birth settings.

Be Your

Own Hero

Recovering from a difficult birth?

Women can overcome incredible odds, rising to the call of motherhood following a difficult and even traumatic birth. If you had a difficult birth, you are not alone: countless women before you and at this very moment are sharing a similar experience. Healing your previous birth experience can be part of preparing for an upcoming delivery.

"I'm so grateful for my work with you!!!! I came into this birth experience with so much more confidence and peace of mind. It was truly a redemption birth!! A beautiful and empowering experience."

  ~Sami Schermerhorn

Healing from an abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, or fertility challenge?

These experiences in reproductive health are more common than we realize because people don't tell their stories.  Sharing your healing journey can inspire others to reach their own well-being!

"I worked with Allison when I was dealing with a traumatic abortion. Through our sessions I was able to turn my traumatic story into one of empowerment and self love. Allison has a gentle approach, and helped me bring out my inner strength that was buried for many years. I was able to heal my relationship with myself and others involved. I wish I had the opportunity to do this work years ago, but am so grateful to have had the opportunity to change this story that I had been telling myself for so long. I highly recommend Allison"

                                                                 ~Courtney Carden

Pelvic Exams, IUD's, Colposcopy's, LEEP's et al.

Sometimes there is a need for healing around a prescribed procedure that was part of your routine health maintenance. A basic pelvic exam can require more vulnerability than you may have been ready for, and afterwards you may not feel "right". Even though it was considered routine or medically recommended, there may still be a need for healing from the experience. In fact, addressing what may have been a difficult common appointment will help reduce your stress and anxiety around future health care.

Covid Care
Giving birth during the Covid pandemic has extra challenges and stressors. Your site of delivery will likely have evolving protocols which may determine number and length of visitors, including support persons. Ask your providers as your delivery date approaches what are the special circumstances of Covid care in your birth setting regarding testing, support persons and mother infant bonding. For articles and educational resources visit www.evidencebasedbirth.com
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